Now experience the world of digital AI assistant in hospitality
A personal assistant that takes care of your guest’s personalized needs with quick and efficient task solving solutions.
All your guests need is their voice
Guest places a service request with a voice command
Request notified on the admin dashboard.
Request auto-assigned to service robot for deliveries.
Request fulfilled with great efficiency and speed.
Why choose WooHoo for hospitality
Redefining the luxurious experience of in-room dining with voice command
A security assistant that keeps hotels and guests safe
Elevate the music listening experience for your guests with WooHoo music
24-7-365 Medical assistance from reliable doctors powered by Vdoc
Speedy check-in & check-out
Easy and effective access to hotel amenities
WooHoo AI Voice Assistant in action
Quick responses to service requests
Check-in & Check-out
Food & Beverages
Exclusive local recommendations
Activities with kids
Special Events
Special greetings for special occasions
VIP Guests
Easy access to general information
WIFI Codes
Amenity Locations
Hours & Availability 
Checkout Time
Guest Features
Interactive Recommendation Engine
Effective Feedback
Easy Access to Hotel Amenities
Accurate Language Preferences
Exclusive Media Options for all ages
Easy check-in & check-out
Administrative Features
Customized Wake-word
Live request feed
Staff Management
Fleet Management
Real Time FAQ Engine
Manage Domain Skills
Powerful Analytics and Reports
Easy Integration with the existing system
Hassle free Guest Feedback Management
User Query