Creating the ultimate listening experience

a seamless music streaming ecosystem

WOOHOO MUSIC integrates music providers from around the world into one efficient app interface, enabling users to search and listen to music across their favorite platforms.

Powered by INNOVATIVE CLOUD-BASED AI, WooHoo Music utilizes Machine Learning technology as well as Facial & Voice recongnition for effortless user interaction.

Connected with the WOOHOO SMART SPEAKER & AI ASSISTANT, WooHoo Music accesses a high defination rotating camera, far-field microphone; top-of-the-line speakers & more to create a one of a kind experience, unique to each user.

Introducing woohoo

The first fully-interactive AI based
digital voice assistant & smart hub


Top of the line built-in speaker made by JBL

Incredible clarity & range

Optimized to your listening environment

Complex array of speakers creates a surround sound illusion

Surround system by smartbeings & harman co-innovation

Integrates & promotes music streaming providers from all over the world

Simple, Engaging Music Discovery Interface

Offers data-driven, user specific recommendations

AI Machine Learning enables a fully personalized experience

Powered by user's existing music subscriptions

Facial & Voice Recognition for effortless, customized user interaction

Leverages the latest hardware

Sarah gets home from work and says:

” Hey WooHoo, play my acoustic playlist”

WooHoo knows Sarah’s voice and plays from her preferred account:

“Ok, Playing Sarah’s acoustic playlist”

Dylan,( 12 years old) comes home from school. He walks through the door:

“Hey WooHoo, Play Hip Hop”

WooHoo recognizes Dylan and turns on a radio station using the parental
control feature

“Ok – playing clean Hip-Hop radio for Dylan”

Streamlined listening

WooHoo Music turns the WooHoo device into a powerful, customizable music hub and creates an entirely new personalized music listening experience

Truly Personalized

WooHoo’s built-in voice and facial recongnition allows WooHoo Music to offer unique customizations and reommendation based on the user making the request

Quality Partners

The top the line Harmon Kardon speaker provides superior audio qaulity

Innovative Tech

WooHoo’s AI Machine Learning technology can recommend music available across multiple streaming networks to create seamless personal playlists


Easily integrated into all SmartSpeaker platfroms

Woohoo Music Means more subscribers


of Smart Speaker owners say that their household music consumption has increased by at least 15% since the introduction of Voice Assistants


have a subcription to a music-streaming service


spend over 4 hours per day listening

Partner with WooHoo Music to increase user engagment and premium subcribers

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